Ten Things To Do For a New Mom

I still consider myself a new mom, 6 months into the gig. These first 6 months have rocked my Type-A world, but they have shown me what love and commitment really mean. As quickly as these 6 months went by, there are things people did for me or I wish people had done for me as a new mom. If you know a soon to be or new mom, consider doing one or two of these…it just might make her day.

1. Take photos of the mother and baby…together. Watch the baby so she can brush her teeth and throw on some concealer first.

2. Run an errand or five for her. Going to Target? Call and ask if she needs anything. Grabbing yourself a latte? Hey, new mama might want one, too.

3. When she’s comfortable leaving the baby, pick her up to do something fun like a pedicure or happy hour like you would have done before the baby. Leave the men (and babies) at home.

4. Drop off a bottle of wine with a sweet note…or chocolates. Or a case of wine. Or tequila.

5. Order dinner to be delivered. Freezer meals still require work. Just send pizza. Less work for everyone.

6. Send an encouraging or hysterical text message. In the throes of it, poop smeared hands and black ringed eyes could use a giggle.

7. If you come to visit, do a chore. New mommies don’t need help holding the baby, but the floor could probably use a vacuum or the dishes could us a wash… wait, is that shirt the same one you had on the day you came home???

8. Do not suggest she naps. Unless you plan to sit vigil with her new baby for the duration of your suggested nap.

9. Call just to chat. Share with her the details of your day and the world outside of just having a new born. Read TMZ outloud to her. Tell her about the news. Those first few weeks are like a warp zone.

And finally….
10. Continue to be her friend. Yes, friendships change after a baby. Life is different in so many ways. You might have to work to maintain a friendship, but its worth it, right?